Student Ambassador Awards….are still yet to be delivered

Ok, so honestly…i must have checked my email box at least 4 dozen times today waiting for the letter about the Microsoft Student Ambassador Award. So far no email.

So far today i have:
Gone to Stats Class
Fidgeted (I can’t believe that is a word!) with my blog layout, i’m still not too happy
Worked through 4 chapters of C# for Dummies
Gone to the library to return books

I just got off of the phone with MS employee, and ex-Grand Valley Student Ambassador, Eric Maino. Eric told me that although it is about 11pm here in Michigan and according to the Student Ambassador website, awards will be sent out on June 7th, things have been postponed for a few reasons…

Tracy Hackney, the ever-so-informitive woman who did my phone screening still hadn’t received the final information from the programs owner. Hopefully by the time that Tracy gets back from working out, approx time 7:30pm Redmond Time (10:30pm Eastern Time) hopefully the information will have been sent to her, so that she can send it out. If not, i was told not to fret, it should be sent out tonight, and if not….hopefully tomorrow morning.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Kevin Briody says:

    hi Matt-
    I just posted a short update here:

    We’ll get the announcement up this afternoon, and you’ll get an email at that time as well. Sorry for the delay!

    Kevin Briody

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