The SA, or To Redmond and Back Again

So it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. Last weekend was the Student Ambassador Summit. Mike and I flew out a day early and stayed with GV alum Eric Maino and his wife for the night. I’m very grateful for friends who would do something like that for me. Then, Friday and Saturday, we were lucky enough to be flown out and put up in a hotel by Microsoft for the weekend. The event was awesome; the weekend was an all around great experience. It gave me a sense of accomplishment to be able to be in a room networking with people with similar interests as myself for an entire day. I had a great time getting to hang out with people like Josh Holmes, Martin Shoemaker, Donny Mack, and of course the ever crazy David Smith. Being in the company of those people just gets your mind going. If my laptop had a reliable battery I would have been blogging it nonstop. Actually I’m looking into getting a tablet PC, so if anyone has one for sale let me know the price and I will consider it.

Back to the academic process; this week has been crazy. I’ve been doing nothing but homework and planning of events. Finally we’ve got the sign up page up for the .NET programming competition. I’m currently running on about 6 and a half hours of sleep for the past two days because the CS 163 project 1 was due today. The past two nights (mornings) I didn’t leave the lab until about 2am each night. The project made me reevaluate the way I divide my time, and think about how much time I should (or shouldn’t) be spending on other thing. I can happily say I finished it. I’m currently trying to think of what to request for prizes for the programming competition, I hope to have that request out by this evening.

Also I just signed up for the Visual Studio 2005 launch in Detroit. It will be nice to go back to that side of the state for a day. I can’t wait for November 8th.

Well that’s it for now I suppose, I’m off to get some sleep.


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  1. jake says:

    what you talk about the .net registration page being up? still is under my account as far as i know. 🙂

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