Google == Beanie Babies?

Google closing price for today was $385.95

fadn : an interest followed with exaggerated zeal;

A few years back Beanie Babies were all the rage. A complete fad, one day the coolest item on the market. The next day, they were yesterday’s news. Now it’s something that i’ve thought of considering Google stock. The stock price has jumped from $161.31 to $386.58 in the past year, and jumped from $290.69 to $386.58 in just the past month! While those numbers are averages, i can’t help but wonder if Google is the “next cool thing” At the rate which Google stock is rising I’d bet on it hitting the $400 mark by next Tuesday or Wednesday, and some people even say tomorrow. My big question is weather or not Google will split anytime soon?

Companies often split their stock when they believe the price of their stock exceeds the amount smaller individual investors would be willing to pay for the stock. By reducing the price of the stock, companies try to make their stock more affordable to these investors.

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Most small time investors, or shall we say “normal people” aren’t making the type of money that they can toss a spare $400 into a tech stock. I’m an IS major and even I was leary at taking the leap into Google. In my opinion, Google stock would only go up should it split. But if it doesn’t every day i watch it rise i will cross my fingers and say to myself “Is Google 3/4 of the way to $400 or half way to $800?”

I know Microsoft has just released Visual Studio 2005 and Windows Vista is well in the works and will be out sometime in 2006. Google is competing with Microsoft, so I can only watch and wait for Google’s next trick they will pull out of their sleeve.

Until that trick lands on the table, i’ll cross my fingers and watch the ticker.


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