Holiday Coding Roadtrip 2005 Day 0:

I woke up at 8am to go have breakfast before my first tech talk @ 9:30am. The first tech talk was given at my high school, for the IT class. The class was one which I had taken back when I was in high school. The talk was really quite interesting. We covered what I do as an MSA, but more importantly what the students can do for themselves, and what they will be learning when they head out into college. I also made sure to cover the importance of social networking. I was actually asked to stay until after school where I gave a second tech talk to the Technology Club. The second talk was very much the same, except that I also focused even more so on the importance of networking. The two tech talks went well. I had never realized the disparity between college curriculum and what high school teachers teach.

After school I had an appointment for a hair cut at 5pm, after which I waited until Henry came to pick me up. I waited and waited…well we finally got on the road….on Saturday. Actually my parents were the most defiant out of anyone. I just really wanted to get on the road. Henry didn’t get into Clinton Township to pick me up until about 11:30pm. Hooray lack of being on time! We got to Grand Rapids about 2:30am We decided to try to head to a very good little restaurant called Yesterdog, so that we could get a little bit of food before we bed down for the night. After finding out that Yesterdog was closed, we headed to Grand Valley about 3:00am. After some frozen food, and family guy, we all finally got to sleep about 5:00am. Now it’s about noon on Saturday and we’re off to Chicago.

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