Bill Miller’s Tech Talk

I’m blogging from MAN 122 while listening to Bill Miller’s talk on recognizing trends in the industry and working up a skill set
He has mentioned there are various techniques.
Some Methods to use:

  • Watching Keep an eye on what people have in their wishlist. That’s current!
  • Trade Magazines – IEEE, ACM, C/Net, etc.
  • Conferences- Mix 06′ anyone?
  • Online communities – Blogs
  • Users groups – West Michigan .NET Users Group
  • Talk to people in the field, professors, friends, cube buddy
  • Ok, so we got kicked out early bout 5:50 by some class 🙁
    That was a bummer, but it was great having Bill come and give a talk. He certainly gave us a few nuggets of information to walk away with. I’m definitly looking forward to having him back for future talks.


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