Site Updates:

I’ve been quite busy. I finally converted my blog from over the my domain a short while back, and just as of this week made renovations to the site. This new layout is part of the renovations. This summer i’m living out in Allendale, and taking care of my CS490 Internship Requirement. I’m working about 35-40 hours a week at BlueSphere Inc. doing web design with ASP.NET in VB. I know, i know, VB. But i’m also working on a few things in C#. I’ve also got a few projects in the works with Donny Mack and Bill Daley. Expect subtle hints, but we’ve got something big brewing. Who really know what’s with us? Has the next revolution to change how we access information from the web begun?

UMPC Update: Well looks like i’m still not quite making enough yet to afford one. The Q1 by samsung looks promising. TabletKiosk’s EO has a known battery problem which is being worked out, and Samsung is rumored to have a UMPC in the works which should be out by fall which should be sporting a lower price tag that the Q1 at $1,100. Well i’ll cross my fingers and pinch my pennies!

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