A LiveJournal Hermit Contemplates MySpacecide

Other’s have done it, talked about it in articles.  Wired wrote about it, made it known.  MySpace has begun to bore me.  Then there’s LiveJournal, I’ve been writing in that since January 2002, it has begun to bore me as well.  I could end it, end it all…

Do I hate my life, want to kill myself?  Hell no!  I’m refering to Myspacecide, or the deleting of one’s MySpace account and eliminating my existence within that social community.  Wired wrote about it, by deleting my account I wouldn’t be generating much of a fuss.  I can tell that by my LiveJournal account.  I’ve become a hermit on LiveJournal as of late.

Web communities amuse me.  A blog in my opinion is always written with the intention that at least one other soul searching the blogosphere will be interested in what you want to write.  Comments are always wanted.  Good or bad, in fact bad publicity is better than no publicity.

On LiveJournal with about 80 friends I think I average about 3 comments per post.  Now you need to understand that within the past 9 months i’ve limited myself to about 6 or so posts.  Limiting what I say to content worth writing not the greatest new quiz (though I admit to posting a quiz a few months back).   I could delete both accounts, I’m not too high on the comments therefore popularity charts.  But if i were to delete them I would not be able to contact people in those ways.  I know a few of my friends check those two sites regularly, and those are the same people who never return messages on cell phones.  For those people i need those networks.

So while I sit and think I could end it all, I wont.  I think they still get me for now…

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