West Michigan .NET Talk — BTSharp

David Smith gave a great talk about his BitTorrent library BTSharp today at the Watermark Country Club. Nestled in that talk were quite a few great nuggets of information; how bit torrent works, multi-threading, locking objects, it was a really interesting and educational talk! David’s talks are full of enthusiasm and charisma, if anyone has a chance to hear a talk he’s giving I highly recommend it!

After the talk David and I sat down for a bite to eat with Microsoft MVP Steve Schofield. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation. It’s not often I get to sit down and chat with people about marketing and software development. Of course conversation topics changed, and i admit the phrase “I’m adding you to my blogroll.” crossed my lips. Not really sure what else i’m supposed to say, when i’m lucky enough to meet and hang with such interesting company.

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