Pandora: A Little Box of Tunes

Ok, Pandora rocks! I first heard of it last night, thanks to my roomate. Pandora is a site which allows the user to pick an artist or song they like, and Pandora streams the music to the listener. After the first song ends Pandora will search through it’s catalog of music for a similar match and play that song. The thing that makes this site great is the listener can give a song a “thumb up” or “thumb down.” These rankings are used to match music to the unique taste of the listener. Now you can only listen to so many songs before Pandora makes you sign up for an account, but that’s painless.

Now i’d mentioned that Pandora is free. Yes there is advertising on the site, but the user interface of the site is very nicely done, and very simple and easy to use. The advertising is not the type of stuff that would normally make you crazy (scrolling ads that say “click 789 monkeys and win this prize!”), instead just a static image for a product in the upper right corner of the site. I can deal with that.

Ok this site is awsome, I just realized i’ve been listening to it for about a good 3 hours now. Thumb’s Up Pandora!

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  1. Drew says:

    Awesome post Matt. I am all for free streamed music, I’ll definitely add Pandora to my bookmarks. I’ll probably use it while I’m surfing the net. It seems like an awesome idea! Thumbs up indeed!

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