Trip To Seattle Day 0: Part I

So originally I was supposed to be going to Seattle two weeks ago. The flight was cancelled due to bad weather in Chicago. So my ticket was changed to this weekend, and I should have two flights to get to Seattle; Grand Rapids to Chicago, then Chicago to Seattle. The flight to Chicago leaves at 6:30EST and gets in Chicago at 7:30EST. From there I was supposed to have a flight from Chicago to Seattle which was to leave at 11:20EST and get into Seattle at 2:30EST. BUT, my initial flight to Seattle was cancelled. I found out today at about 3:00pm that my flight to Seattle was cancelled however I was rescheduled for 10:30am tomorrow morning. Before I start pissing and moaning about not having anywhere to sleep in Chicago, I went to the ticket counter for United and asked to see if there were any other flights from Chicago to Seattle and to be put on any of those flights.

So here’s where we are now: I’m on my way out of Grand Rapids at 6:36pm, and right now i’m waiting on a flight which would leave Chicago for seattle at 11:05pm EST. I would be flying stand by. This is the best they can do for now.

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2 Responses to Trip To Seattle Day 0: Part I

  1. Eric Maino says:

    What lesson did we learn? Maybe you shouldn’t fly united any more :p

  2. Steve Goulet says:

    So far you are doing well, but you should prepare for the worst: They will mistake your bottle of hair gel for a bomb, lose your luggage (you can’t carry on — sucker), and refuse to reimburse for your hotel room. On the flight home you will sit next to someone with tuberculosis in the far back seat and have an unexpected layover due to a head lice problem on the plane.

    Now that you are prepared for the worst things can only get better.

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