Trip To Seattle Day 0: Part II

So… Got to Chicago after a 45 minute delay in Grand Rapids. Ok, this is where the stress starts. I knew i was on a waiting list, so I decided to walk over to the United Service Center and ask if a clerk could check if there were any open
spots on the flight. The clerk’s response “Um… It’s full.” It all went down hill from there.

I was in O’Hare by 6:45 CST and my cancelled flight was supposed to leave at 8pm. No big deal, but this second flight that I was standby on was set to leave at 10:05 CST. There were about a dozen or so people from my cancelled flight that were waiting to hopefully get on the flight. Once I’d realized my chances of getting on looked slim, the flight was announced to be overbooked and people we asked to give up their seats.

So maybe a dozen of us or so went down to customer service to try to get a place for the night. I’m typing this out from the very nice Wyndham O’Hare Hotel (Thanks United!). It’s looking like i’ve got a place on standby for a flight from Chicago to Seattle leaving Chicago at 9:25am, if that falls through, I’ve got a ticket for a flight leaving Chicago at 11:55am, estimated time of arrival in Seattle 2:15pm PST.

PS-Eric you were right, my lesson will be expressed programatically for your amusement.

using System.PublicTransportation.Airlines;
using System.Airlines.United;
publicTrans = airline(typeof(United));
If (publicTrans == airline(typeof(United))) {
system.writeline("You will be delayed};
else {
system.writeline("You are now at your destination. Have a nice day. Thank you for flying " + airline);
If(me.stillBlogging == True)
system.writeline("Go to bed!");

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