Trip To Seattle Day 1

So I finally made it to Seattle by about 12:30PST. Yes, I ended up getting on the 925am CST flight out of Chicago. Actually i’d decided not to worry about flying stand by on that flight and just wake up for my 11:55am flight out, however I slept until 8am and then just woke up normally, decided to take a shower then head to the airport. I suprisingly made it to the airport and to the gate of the 9:25am departing plane while it was boarding. I asked if they had any open spots on the plane, and sure enough got on.

No Humidity. Well, at least that was the first thing I noticed once I got out of Seattle/Tacoma Airport. Finally made it to Donny’s apartment. After a bit of shopping for lunch and some groceries we finally sat down and started working on stuff. First thing moving this site over to a different server. Well I need to get access to my MySql database files for this to work, so we’ll find out. Other than that, the evening was just a brain dump of ideas and watching Stargate SG-1.

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  1. Bill Daley says:

    Hey, Matt! Welcome to an unusually perfect summer, soon followed by return to the Big Drizzle. Thanks again for your comment on my site. Look forward to meeting you.

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