Blogging Via Local Machine For Testing Purposes…

Ok, I just spent maybe um… the past 7 and a half hours (give or take two for food) trying to install php, apache, mySQL, and PHPmyAdmin on my computer. Oh all so I could just test WordPress themes on my local machine.I ended up using apache2triad which works…..well after I thought i’d broken the install a few times, found out it has a backwards way of running Apache on a Windows machine. For example the files are run at http://localhost/apache2triadcp/ Which on my local machine is at C:\apache2triad\htdocs\apache2triadcp
Well anyways, i’ve finally got it working. Well at least a dummy blog to test theme content on. Wow, this was way too stressful, but hopefully now I can make a few pretty unique themes.
Hopefully i’ll have a theme redesign in the near future.
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