Hugo Unboxes the Vega!!!

Hugo Ortega over at happened to get a present in the mail. That little present happened to be the first Vega UMPC by Radeon. Now I happened to blog about the Vega a few months back. I was taking the specs at face value. Hugo gives the device a very good first review. He seems to love the screen and how responsive the screen is to the pen. Hugo also seems quite impressed with the usefulness of the key combinations available.

My Opinions: The device looks as though it isn’t too small. I had worried from original documention that the device would simply be too small. Also, Why a WI-FI stick? The device looks great, until you realize that Hugo has a stick that looks similar to a pen drive sticking out of it just to surf the internet. Also I’d like to know how responsive the device is, and how memory use is. I’ve always said that i’d like to use whichever umpc I end up purchasing to code on (at least a little) so i’d like to know that I would be able to install a reasonably quick version of Visual Studio. The ever present question of battery life. Hugo’s unboxing was great to see, however how long did that charge last?

I think this may be the tip of the iceberg for the Vega. If the price point is right aand the battery life is reasonable, is this a possible competitor to the Q1 and EO models?

UPDATE (9/12): Chippy over at Carrypad is reporting that the Vega is getting a battery life of 4 hours 17 minutes!  WOW!

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