Where have the days gone?

So it’s been about a week since my last post.  Normally I would assume not much has gone by.  Well I’d usually say that because school has started up again so I’ve got to get back into the grind of it.  However despite having a full schedule of such fun classes as Accounting, and Writing in The Workplace, as well as a few others I have managed to work on a few extracurricular activites.

Last week I wrote a form application in C# that will simultaneously search all the US cities listed on the Craigslist frontpage for a given search term and criteria.  That’s proved to be quite a useful application.  I spent this past weekend doing a bit of freelance wordpress web design thanks to a few Craigslist posting I came across.  I think maybe I should brush up the resume to reflect the wordpress stuff I’ve been getting myself into?

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