ASUS Resellers and the Mysterious R2H

I just spent about 20 minutes going through ASUS’ list of US resellers looking to see if I could uncover any more information on the availability of the R2H, presales, any news really. The only reseller who currently lists the R2H is StarTech. I called this reseller and unfortunately the man I talked to could not verify any of the information that I got yesterday. He told me that right now he was simply taking emails of people who were interested in the R2H and after I gave him my name and email he said he’d be in touch with me when he had some news.

ASUS: Why keep everyone in the dark?

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2 Responses to ASUS Resellers and the Mysterious R2H

  1. Aviruth Sachdev says:

    Hey there, I have been waiting for the Asus R2H for what seems like an eternity already but according to various sources including you, this is about to end.Yippee! (I really appreciate this site and your efforts with all the news, updates and insights). Here in London, i was looking out for UMPCs and bumped into a guy in a shop who said that rather than getting the Q1 (released here 8 weeks ago) i should wait for the R2H (for the obvious extra specs), he also happened to mention something to me (after a brief call with the Asus people in the U.K.) that Asus has kept the whole thing very low-key including developments, production and release and they are also doing many separate presentations on the device in different countries (I think in London it is this week and Germany it is the 27th) in order to try things out but i am not sure why.I think an indication of this is the fact that it is not even on the Dutch Asus website, when some people there have been using them for a week or so (from what i gather the ones out in Holland are without camera, gps and bluettoth, which, i think, is the R2 not the R2H).Reckon they are into shock&awe marketing? I think the probable price it is gonna be $999 in the US and around £799 here.


  2. Aviruth says:

    Hey there Matt,

    I am worrying the people in the shops down here a bit as i keep going into their shops everyday, asking for the same thing and they are quite worried about this obsessive behaviour hahaha.Apparently, (unconfirmed) there may be external dvd drive included with the pack too along with foldable keyboard and all the accessories included in the box.Sounds great!Take care

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