ASUS R2H – The Week in Review

Earlier This Week –We found out that was selling the R2H because ZhuBaJie over at OrigamiProject ordered one. His R2H doesn’t seem to have a camera, but he seems to be having quite a bit of fun with it. Steve over at posted that the German release of the R2H would be September 27th, 2006. This prompted me to wonder if the US release was too far off.

Wednesday – I called ASUS Presales for USA and found out that the R2H is on its way, well at least that it should be available within the next few weeks, as well as what a “standard” model will have.

Yesterday – I went through the ASUS Resellers to find out if anyone was listing the R2H for presale and found only one site had the R2H listed. After a phone call, I didn’t manage to get any more info about this mysterious ASUS device.

Today – After reading on OrigamiProject that there are going to be several different models of the R2H being released I began to look around on a few European sites and found that Expansys happens to be listing 4 models of R2H for presale. The models range from 20GB hard drive to 60GB.

Who knows what the future holds for the ASUS R2H? But I know that if I can, I’d like to preorder one.

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