ASUS R2H Pre-Sale and a Leap of Faith

ASUS R2HI did it. I ordered my R2H.
I found the US sister site of, They are having presales for 4 models of the R2H. Assuming the information I’d learned earlier this week was correct, I opted for the 40GB model. If the 60GB model is $999, I assume that the 40GB model will be less than that. So now I sit back and wait…

(I feel like a child waiting for Christmas morning!)

Oh aside from my glee, that puts the sites i’ve found doing presales of the R2H in the US up to two. Star Tech and MobilePlanet. And also means my week recap is a bit incorrect, I should have waited until later to post that :-X

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  1. ggonzalez says:

    Waiting for a review! 🙂

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