More sources are saying R2H available by end of month

PC Advisor reports “Asus will begin selling its first ultra-mobile PC (UMPC), the R2H, worldwide by the end of this month, while Samsung is readying one that eschews Intel microprocessors in favour of Via chips.”

regarding specs, PC Advisor goes on to say “Although the suggested retail price of the R2H bound for the Taiwan market is TW$36,800 (about £600), it will come in different configurations users can choose from, so prices will be flexible. Asus will offer models with different sized hard drives, ranging from 20GB to 60GB in capacity. The standard edition will also come with just a two-cell battery, for about two hours of use before needing a recharge. Users will be able to select a four-cell battery as well, at an added cost.”

In other news, I need to call MobilePlanet to verify my pre-order from Friday because Friday evening I got an email saying that could not verify my order because my shipping address is different than my billing address for my credit card. So I went to the bank and changed that. I need to make sure my R2H will ship when it’s in.

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  2. aviruth sachdev says:

    Hey there Matt,
    How are you?Hope you are well! Have you spoken to any sources in London or the U.K.? There are so many info. flying around I am very confused :).The guy i’ve spoken to down in tottenham court road said that it’s gonna go on sale next week for 799 quid with dvd drive and usb keyboard. As it turns out on this site, it’s only 900 euros and converting that into pounds it’s only a bit more than 600 quid, but the problem is that the os and everything else won’t be in English, plus, there won’t be any added acessories given too.Big Dilemma! 🙁

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