One fat R2H up for adoption!

Ignar over at Origami Project Forums got his hands on a brand new R2H and didn’t have very much good to say about the device.

“When UMPC is thicker than a regular laptop which has full size keyboard, larger and wider screen, higher resolution, faster processor, more memory, faster and larger hard drive, internal DVD RW, longer battery life, and more ports, I don’t really see the point of UMPC. Yes, that’s my first impression on R2H when I compared it to my Fujitsu P7120.”

Ouch!  He’s started a thread at Origami Project Forums letting everyone know why this device didn’t work for him.

Not to be a total downer, he’s put the R2H up for sale.  Here’s the info on cost:

“Asking $945 including Priority mail shipping. Paypal is preferred. Cashier’s check or money order is fine, too. I have 100% positive ratings at eBay and eBay ID can be provided upon request.”  More info is available about the sale at

Let’s find this R2H a new loving home! 

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  2. ignar says:

    Thanks for the plug, Matt. R2H has its own merits, but I wanted to have a very portable device with more power than PocketPC, and R2H doesn’t fit the bill. By the way, it’s still available and if any of you are interested, feel free to contact me. 🙂

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