Designing a Web Presence – Mini-Mainfesto

Hugh’s post about creating a mini-manifesto got me to thinking. I’ve had more than a few ideas about what went into influencing me and my work. They’ve been the things that made me go back to the drawing board a few times. I decided to create a manifesto to outline the things I empasize when I’m trying to create a new site or design.

Without further ado…

1) Design each piece of your work as if it will be the masterpiece in your portfolio.

2) Create each site or design as if your portfolio is new and fresh and has no other footing to stand upon.

3) Do NOT design by status quo procedures and methods. Design by motivation, inspiration, and creativity.

4) Embrace any cultural aspects which can be incorporated into your project. Allow yourself to think about that new CD you purchased, or that mural you passed on your walk home.

5) Create yourself. You are a brand.

6) Allow cultural influences into the design. Your completed project is a representation of you or your client.

7) Status quo will prematurely define you or your client, remain open to outside influences and new ideas to keep the design unique and to give the visitor a lasting impression.

8) Keep changing. Ideas and methods get old. Always be on the lookout for new ideas or new ways of getting your point across.

The web used to be static. Then it was “2.0”. Allow yourself to shape where you want it to go next.

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