Help! I’ve been tagged!

Now I know that I’ve been doing this sort of thing since high school and the days of my livejournal account which will not be named, but it appears that Microsoft Tablet MVP, Hugo Ortega has tagged me in this most recent MEME which has caught on the blogosphere like the flu. I’ve seen this MEME everywhere and finally caught it!

Here are 5 things my readers may not know about me:
1) I accumulated 22 college credits taking dual enrollment while still in high school.
2) It is very rare for me to sit down in front of a television and watch an entire show. This is usually limited to The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Office, or Robot Chicken.
3) My first blog post ever was on a newly created LiveJournal account (back when you needed to be “invited”) on January 19th, 2002. I guess I’m nearing the 5 year mark of my blogging existence.
4) I am a member of the West Michigan .NET Users Group Board. (I’m also slowly but steadily working on a new website for the users group)
5) I was a Microsoft Student Ambassador for Grand Valley State University for the 2005-2006 school year.

Here are the 5 lucky people who I’m tagging to have fun with this MEME:
Fellow UMPC enthusiasts (addicts) Thoughtfix of UltraMobileGeek and Frank/Ctitanic from Ultra Mobile PC Tips
Former C# MVP and current Microsoft Employee Eric Maino who writes C# Tea Time
C# MVP Martin Shoemaker who writes at
And if I could I would like to tag Mr. Shel Israel. It appears Shel had already been tagged on December 10th.
Hmm, I would like to tag my friend Jeff Lakin. He’s got a great music related blog which everyone should check out.

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  1. ThoughtFix says:

    Do you mind if I do this AFTER CES? I have so much preparation to do!

    Oh … if you want a piece of information about me that most of my readers don’t know: this is me:

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