Samsung Q1b, meet Vista.

So i’ve finally done it. Last Friday I decided to download Vista Ultimate via MSDN. It finished about midnight, and shortly thereafter I began the install. For the most part it went smooth, without a hitch. So now after we’ve fixed a TIP problem (no HID drivers) I’ve got the machine running decently.

On the post-install driver setup:

I give credit to the author of the blog I had followed those steps for the most part. Here’s what went down…. Head over to the Samsung site. For the Q1b download the drivers for sound and graphics. I downloaded software for Magic Keyboard and MenuUI.

Now the problem I’d run into at this point was how the heck do I input text without using a keyboard? After asking around JKK, and Kevin C. Tofel both pointed me to the answer.

My Thoughts:

Wow. Vista is really nice on the UMPC. Granted the machine only has 512MB, which at time is noticeably sluggish. Having the media center on it is amazing. Can I get the experience pack please!?! Surely more Vista-friendly posts will follow, but for now I leave you with some pictures.

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