“Live Post” – Origami Experience is HERE!

Ok i’ve got a Samsung Q1b w/ the normal 512mb of RAM and I just installed the Origami Experience. Here’s what’s going on.

First note – it’s slow to load. there is no sympathy for those of us running “standard” UMPC installs, I mean no RAM upgrade.

Ok, now it’s loaded. I do like the UI. Very nice. I’m trying to raise my volume to heNicar this OAM’s Blues and it’s a bit slow. Once again, BOO slow performance! But! there is a “touchable” volume control this is a plus. Now lets try something other than the ‘tunes.

Pictures – L-O-A-D-I-N-G. Ok, now its good. Nice, the tunes are still on the bottom so i can see what’s playing while looking at my pictures. Ok, this is getting old, this is slow loading stuff. The manual slideshow is cool, full screen images w/ small left/right arrows to browse. Something else…

Let’s try some video playback. It was horrid before, maybe the footprint of the Origami Experience will be a bit nicer and let me play some divx files? Let’s try Boondock Saints. Ok two things I like the “flipping” images on the bottom right. Also the “preview” smaller sized window is nice to still allow the user to flip through options. Ok, the file is still off. By that I mean that the audio is about 6-10seconds ahead of the video. This will bug me. Ok, now another file another Divx file the audio problem is not happenening. this will need to be tested further.

Let’s move on. Music. WOW! i am really impressed with the music area, artist, genre, etc. Maybe I should have clicked on “library” sooner. I will check this out in the others. Music playback is good. I’m really blown away by this UI. GREAT JOB Origami Team!

Now onto Programs. this was a bit slower to load, oh well. Nice, to be expected although slow to load. I’ll have to try out the Microsoft Reader.

Well that’s it for now. I’ll post an update to this soon!

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  1. Steve Paine says:

    How’s the video performance? Better than media center?


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