Upon first hearing “blue fur,” domain hosting probably isn’t the first thing to come to mind. However, is just that. I’d first heard of Blue Fur from John Chow’s blog. A reliable source, interesting information, why not take a look. I think Blue Fur delivers. One of the best (or worst) things to happen to a site if for the “Digg Effect” to occur. John’s post mentioned Blue Fur withstanding the Digg effect. Hmm, maybe it’s something in the fur?

Another thing I really enjoy about Blue Fur, which makes them different from most hosting providers I’ve seen is that they’ve also got a blog. Now this blog is more than just “scheduled maintenance will occur from blah to blah.” Blue Fur’s blog includes the company updates you would expect, but also offers news to readers. News about better business solutions, news of updates to popular blogging software, news that if generally interesting!

So they’ve got a blog, and John Chow likes them, what else? Well if you’re in the market for a deal in hosting Blue Fur looks pretty decent. 1 and 2 year Unix hosting plans offer 15 and 20% off, respectively. Unix hosting also starts as low as $4.95 a month. If you’re looking for Microsoft hosting they’ve got that too, and from $6.95 a month. I didn’t go into it, but you get decent transfer amounts and SSL certs, all the important stuff you look for in a solid hosting plan.

Ok, so aside from having a great blog and good hosting rates, their blog is currently running a bit of a contest, the first 50 people to post a review of 300 words in length or greater, get a free .com, .net, or .org domain to register. If that isn’t a great deal on top of great hosting I’m not sure what is?

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  1. Mike Panic says:

    I too read the John Chow post on them and looking into BlueFur for hosting, my plan expires this month and I need to host a few more domains than I currently am.

    Did you make the switch? How as moving the blog if you did and what are your current impressions?

  2. Morris Rozen says:

    I had been a customer of Bluefur / Monsterhosting since 2004. Originally everything was fine. Recently I found that the service I was receiving had declined and contacted Bluefur. I was unable to get my issues resolved and informed Bluefur that upon my renewal date I would be moving my services. The next day my site as well as my client’s sites were all shut down and blocked from access. Would I say that Bluefur is a good & reliable host, no I would not. I have chronicled my experiences with Bluefur at my blog at

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