Big week and weekend!

Ok, this has been a very eventful week! Let’s see where to start….

New Theme: I’ve been working on this theme for some time. Actually since around early December. Originally I had wanted to break the mold of using just some random theme I’d downloaded off of the internet. I decided to move the categories, recent posts, and archives up to the header to give me more room for other things on the sidebar.

Advertising: Yes, they are here now. They’re here to stay. Ok so there is a bit of a backstory to this. Around the first of the year I started looking into monetizing my site, or a way to start making money from having people visit the site. I’ve learned quite a bit and still have a ways to go. If I may thank David Lithman, Matt Coddington, and Tyler Cruz for all giving me pointers thus far, your help has been appreciated. I’m now using Google’s AdSense on my site, and also I’ve signed up for Text-Link Ads and I’m waiting for those to start taking off. I’ve signed up for YPN (Yahoo Publisher Network). Through talking to those folks, and doing a bit of research my site should be capable of making at least a bit of money through advertising. currently has a pagerank of 4/10 which is decent. Let’s hope I can make a bit of money on the side. a UMPC-only blog: After a bit of thinking and discussing with people, I think that even though I am in love with the UMPC and everything that goes with it, I will be expanding the topics here. Surely you didn’t think UMPC’s are all i’m interested in 🙂 What will I be covering? Well wait and see!

Any reviews of the new layout are welcome!

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