MyBlogLog – An invaluable asset!

Ok, so let’s put it this way, I just last week got with it in regards to MyBlogLog. Tonight after going through who has viewed my profile and my site, I really like it. The reasoning is simple, I was planning on doing a post to call out browsers of my blog. Assuming my stats are correct, I’ve been averaging about 250-300 views a day. Someone other than myself must be reading this thing. Don’t be afraid to comment. I can’t be the only one with an opinion on this stuff.

So back to MyBlogLog, it’s great! In regards to de-lurking, MyBlogLog does that for you! As long as you are logged in, MyBlogLog shows that you have viewed Blog XYZ. I’m also liking the fact that it puts some sort of avatar with the reader’s name.

Yes, I do know that my MyBlogLog widget is floating within my theme, and i’m working to fix that issue.

My only suggestion to the people at MyBlogLog would be to incorporate a RSS reader. Possibly have any blogs a user is a community of are added to their reader? It would be just another feature to make MyBlogLog better. That way I wouldn’t have to head over to Google Reader to add great new blogs I stumble across like Bryan Le’s.

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3 Responses to MyBlogLog – An invaluable asset!

  1. derrich says:

    This is precisely how I stumbled upon your blog. I just joined MBL last week and I’m lovin it so far!

  2. Matt says:

    Now that MBL is taking a stance against spamming it is becoming an even more valuable asset! I’m glad to have another reader Derrich. 🙂

    Check out my new blog at too!

  3. I hadn’t considered the de-lurking aspect. Thanks for pointing it out. I’ve only recently started to make use of MBL and I can see some promise in it.

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