Help! I’m trapped in Vista!

Why is it that it seems that once you go Vista you can’t go back?

Trapped In Vista

Ok so after fighting with Vista on my Q1b after its release my Q1b sat on my desk for a few weeks (hint: no updates). But now after spending 3 to 4 hours last night trying to revert back to XP and failing miserably (Note: Samsung you sent me CDROMS to restore a device with no optical drive!) I decided to embrace the new offering from Microsoft.

Call my crazy but at about 3am I began tweaking the Vista install into something that was usable. Heck, realistically I’d be putting Vista back on in 6 months to a year anyways.

Now everyone will get to find out how I manage. I’ll be keeping Vista and starting a little project right now i’ll refer to as Q1b-MDU. More info on that shortly. Back to the tweaks!

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  2. Ken says:

    Good luck and will keep checking back. When I got my Q1b a few weeks back, the first thing I did was snap an image using Acronis True Image. Then, I tried Vista and decided to go back to XP— but I’m definitely on the fence and your adventures may lure me back. Seemed that while Vista runs so much faster on my full laptop than XP, it runs that much slower on the Q1b. Might it have something to do with those BIOS tweaks that were alluded to recently for the Q1P (but aren’t available yet for us VIA supporters)?

  3. Jeremy says:

    I had quite a time with Vista. I had been using it since early beta form. The computer I had it running on is new, custom built, and could handle everthing Vista was supposed to throw at it, but even with a gig of RAM and 3.4 GHz it still ran like a snail. After the final code was release I got sick and tired. I use Linux now. It just freakin’ works and I never have to worry about cost. XP isn’t so bad, I kept that for my wife and children’s computer. I’ll never use Vista on this computer again.

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