Oh where, oh where, has my Bluetooth gone?

So Vista… I think I like you. But give me back my Bluetooth!

So to preface this story, I will say that CompUSA is closing a large number of its stores and the merchendise if not being sent back to warehouses, it is all being sold at discount (no warranty, no refunds, all sales final). So because I was in the market for a Bluetooth headset for my Q1b and my phone I picked up one. (Jabra BT 125) I saved roughly $10 on it.

So now i’m home and trying to get my Q1b to pair with the headset. I’d paired my phone with the Q1b no problem under XP. I know the drivers must be there somewhere. So no, don’t see any. So I head to the Samsung website and try to download the driver. I get halfway through the install and get the following message:

Driver Hangup

Yes, I’ve clicked “Install this driver software anyway. No, It wont stop popping up. No, the progress bar will not go any further than that. I’ve had this happen to me on 4 seperate trys. Anyone had this happen to them, or happen to know how I can get Bluetooth working again?


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