Q1b in the news

Brighthand.com has a review of the Q1b up.  I can’t disagree too much with the article, it’s pretty much correct in most regards.  I will say they don’t give too many comments on features but the generalizations are there.  Didn’t i review the Q1b a few months ago?  Why is it taking larger sites so long to catch on?

This leads me to ask about a possible paradigm shift in UMPCs.  Where is the UMPC as a computer?  Vista is out, in fact two of my roomates purchased new desktops just to fully utilize Vista.  Now with the current UMPC’s there isn’t a clear cut upgrade.  The new McCaselin models coming out should support the OS, but does that mean that those of us who were early adoptors are outta luck?  I’ve got a machine made for XP, purchased it about 4 months before Vista came out…  I can run Vista on it, but marginally at best.  Do i upgrade it as much as i can and hope Vista will improve, or suck it up and go back to XP?

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