Another look at using the Q1

So posts have been lacking here as of recently.  I think it goes without saying i’ve been busy.  But in retrospect, the Q1b helps quite a bit.  Over the past summer I worked at a tech summer camp.  I was “on-site” so I stayed with the campers in the college dorm from Monday-Friday, and luckily got to go home on the weekends.  Long story short I can’t help but feel like i was kinda living out of a suitcase for about two months there.  However the Q1b with Organizer Pack was a great computer to have with me there.  Granted there were other computers, it was a computer camp!, but just on downtime to check email or blogs in my room, it worked very well.

Now we get to this school year.  Ok, i’ll qualify my busyness…  So long as I pass all my classes, I’ll be graduating in April.  So yeah, that means i’ve got the upper level CS courses that are left in the Information Systems program, and also a few Management courses also in the mix.  But given my sporatic schedule of classes, I have found particularly on Tuesday and Thursday the Q1b seems to be a life saver.  My first class begins at 10 and goes until 11:15.  Ok, OneNote.  then I’ve got a hour and 45 minute break until my next class at 1pm.  Then usually just lecture/discussion.  I wont lie, i don’t take many notes in that class.  Then another hour and 45 minute break and I’ve got class downtown at 4pm.  Again, OneNote.  But having such a small machine that I can easily throw in my backpack with my books is a life saver.  It also helps being able to pull it out on the bus going between campuses and go over notes or read RSS feeds that i’d pulled during the hour.

So my apologies for allowing the posting frequency to become so lax, but the works getting tough, but the Q1b is helping me keep it all together.

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