Question of the Day: Does the Origami Experience interface work for the UMPC?

In my view, the OE interface is great.  For some time as of recently, as i like working at a maxed out resolution,  i’ve realized at time it can be hard tapping on precisely the right spot on the screen.  I think the oversized icons  work great as touchable buttons.  Also I don’t use the Q1b as a normal PC.  For as much as i “could” per se, i don’t.  Normally my uses are restricted to OneNote, IE, Outlook, and Trillian.

So given my not so intense needs, and my desire for a better interface would i be crazy in saying maybe that UMPC UI could be improved by moving more toward a Origami Experience-esque interface.  I would say yes.  I think it would simplify things quite a bit.

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