You know what really grinds my gears?


So i’m a Microsoft Student partner. i work at a microsoft gold partner software consulting firm. i’m coding in Microsoft .NET, testing out ASP.NET AJAX code….. but i’m not an IE7 user. I use Firefox. It was testing in IE7 by default from Visual Studio 2005. For an hour it wasn’t running right.  By “right” i mean stuff just was not loading where it should as determined by design view.  I put the test address in Firefox and everything looked just fine and dandy.

After a bit of googling on a hunch, Javascript was turned off.  So I had to be all ninja-ish and remember how to get the file, edit, tools,  panels back up (F10 for those who are wondering).  Then I manage to find my way through the labryinth of options to the Javascript option which I found out is disabled by default!

By enabling Javascript the page worked like a charm.  That whole process to find that one little issue, that really grinds my gears!

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