To Do List/Allocation of Energies

Ok, so having sorted through my comments in moderation (90% of which were spam) I realized a few things need to be done.

School/School Projects:  So this is ovbiously my first priority.  I’ve got classes and projects to work on but this is only part of the stuff I’ve got on my plate right now.

Microsoft Student Partner: Yes, this could go under school but no, I’ll segment this below.  On 2/25 we’ve got a talk on using .NET to create Facebook applications.  No, I’m not a big Facebook fan, but it is a required talk.

Blog: Yes, having gone through these comments I’m finding that I do still get a bit of a following which is a good thing.  I’ll allocate some time an energy to getting this blog back on its feet and growing my readership again.  I think my topics will be a big more broadly covering tech topics.  Also I’d like to reconfigure my categories to something with more broad topics.  Also I’ll be pinging some friends looking for some linkbacks 🙂  SEO increase and better PR hopefully.  🙂

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