BIG CHANGES in the works

So honestly i’m trying to step it up on this blog.  Here’s the low down on what I’ve been faced with lately in the past few weeks:

I found out last week that I lost my job at the consulting company I had been at.  I have no hard feelings toward anyone there.  It was simply a case of not having enough business for me to stay busy, and with the way the company wanted to move, my skill set didn’t match so my position was removed.  That’s life i guess.

I’ve also been busy working on my senior project for school.  Only 6 weeks left to complete it.  Oh crap, only 6 weeks left until I graduate and I’m still looking for a job.

Due to my lack of a job I actually have taken some action to sell off some of my domains and sites.  I’ve pulled back some stuff so that this blog is now the only one I am posting on.  I’m trying to make an effort to grow this blog in several directions as well as grow my number of readers.

*/ Shameless Plug /*

If you happen to know anyone who is has openings for a college grad who has just under two years professional experience with .NET/ASP.NET/SQL please get in contact with me or pass the word on to me.  I’ll gladly pass on resumes.

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