Maximizing downtime

I’m a big fan of the Get Rich Slowly blog.  The author, J.D., explains to his readers tactics and methods to use to become more frugal and in a safe manner, save more money.  Now this isn’t a get rich quick scheme or a make money blog.  J.D. writes through personal experience as a man climbing out from debt.  One of the most appealing aspects of the blog for me is not only the fact that he offers loads of real world advice (and the occasional recipe) but also it is a blog about personal transformation.  In his case from a man in debt, to a man who is now debt free.

After looking back at a few of my older posts I came across a post nearly a year old questioning the viability of making a name for myself and financial gains through only the web.  Who’s to say?  While I by no means am making the implication that I will live off my online earnings, right now I am very much considering maximizing my current efforts to make money online while searching for a new job.

J.D.’s most recent post prompted me to think of how I can gain the most from my current unemployment, but also I think I should look at this time as a chance for opportunity as well.

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