How do you keep site/domain information organized?

I’ve got a question for my readers.  How do you keep your site/domain information organized, what sorts of things do you keep track of?  I’ve began thinking about how I organize my data the past few days because I’ve realized that it’s all quite hectic.  I’ve got nothing really tieing stuff together.  I’ve got nearly 40 domains and I’m either looking at information on GoDaddy, stats on Site5 or stats on Adsense.  Also I’ve been looking and cannot seem to find a way to export AwStats information.

If I were to develop a piece of software to organize and keep track of this information, what do you think would be important to see?  What sorts of things should I add?


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  1. Pat Cotter says:

    I would love to see a piece of software like this. I think for one, you need to ensure that it lists all your domains and where they are currently hosted. Next, listing your current intentions for them briefly in a comment box would be nice. A one click option to visit the site, and where it is hosted would also be good. Finally, an area where you can list the approx. value of the site either with your own abilities or through appraisals on Digital Point or other means.

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