Lower AdSense CTR = Lower Google Stock Price?

I just saw this article on Wired. Now we all know that every time someone clicks on an Adsense ad, Google gets paid. Now you don’t have to look hard on the Internet these days to read that people are noticing their Adsense earnings going down. Also Google altered their ads some time ago so that a user needs to be more particular where they click on the ad in order for the click to count. Interestingly enough the article hypothesizes that lower CTR rates for Google have a direct correlation with the wellbeing of the company and therefore contribute to lower stock prices. (Has anyone else noticed Google’s stock price seeming to plummet lately?) Interesting article, I’d assumed the CTR and earnings going down simply followed current trends in the economy. Check out the article, it’s worth the read.

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4 Responses to Lower AdSense CTR = Lower Google Stock Price?

  1. Monetize Pro says:

    I think it has something to do with it, not sure how much though 🙂

  2. I knew that it would affect Google as a company, but I never really thought it would be this huge. You do have a good point and I would have to presume you are correct.

    Also, for the users that don’t know, you used to be able to click the link title or the URL on the AdSense ad to count as a click. Now just the link title counts. That’s why CTR’s have dropped.

  3. iPhone says:

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