T-Mobile G1 (not) News

I tried calling t-mobile customer care twice today.  Both times with the same response “All G1 info is available through the site.”  Long story short I’ve been a customer with t-mobile since 2004 and just renewed my contract in April.  I was trying to see if I could get them to budge on the price NOT being $179 (even though we all heard current customers can get the phone for $179, no mention of if you apply).  Apparently the phone isn’t even “really” in customer care computer system yet… whatever that means.  Both reps said they should have more decisive information in the coming weeks.

t-mobile or anyone… why say I can have the phone for $179 then when i login I see i’m paying almost $300?  I just renewed my contract and have a jailbroken iphone.  If i wanted to jump ship I would have gone to ATT for the 3g iphone, instead of jailbreaking a 2g.  I just don’t want to pay more than you told me I should for the phone I want… I will be with you for at least another 18 months, and that was before I heard the G1 was coming out this week.  No slack for loyal customers, eh?

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