Twitter Needs “Handshakes”

i think twitter needs something more to promote interaction, something of a handshake.  like ok you’re at a party and there are always those who hover and just kinda take in the conversations, but usually after a handshake with people they know you are engaged and part of the conversation and whats going on.

You get people who follow you but do they hover on the conversation or are they engaged and waiting for the right tweet to comment on?  Who’s in and who’s out?  Also I know i’ve added people who haven’t followed me back.  I’d like to be more engaged in their tweets, should i “say something”?

Any other thoughts?

Edit:  Once again using the Twitter as a party example, yes I could always just use @username to get someone’s attention but doesn’t that make me that guy who comes across the room to enter a conversation when no one knew he was there.  I just think let’s get some courtesy into Twitter, conversations evolve but when can/should new people jump in?

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