Dot Net Nuke Complaint

I just finished a short contract job working with Dot Net Nuke.  For the most part, the software is straight forward.  Fairly easy to setup and run… However, skinning is another issue.  I’m not going to say that it is difficult, however the fact that there are multiple levels of CSS files makes it complicated.  After about two weeks my task was completed and one issue seemed to be a rather glaring issue:  Documentation.

Documentation seems very much to be the issue.  the marjority of the time i’ve ever had issues with programming I’ve typed something similar to the issue into Google and gotten my answer.  Dot Net Nuke… Not even close.  Does nothing rank well for dot net nuke?  Even the documentation I could find was dated and vague.  DNN can be a valuable tool for web developers…. the documentation that seems to come with it, sparse at best.

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