Users of the Internet are social creatures

We are all social creatures.  If we weren’t none of us would be plugged into this world wide web.  End of debate.

Search engine optimization is something i’ve noticed a few articles pop up about today.  Per usual people saying how to do it, or what works (for now).  I came across one particular article on that sums it up, plain and simple, “Make something great. Tell people about it. Do it again.”  That idea is not my own, I can’t take credit for it.  Now this great straight-forward concept I will say isn’t just for Google and SEO, but it is great for creating social media.

I am going to take my current tasks explain them, explain how they fit into this simple recipe for social success, and make readers of this blog see how darn simple creating social content is.  I am a huge Detroit Red Wings fan.  Right now they are playing the Buffalo Sabres.  I do not own cable TV.  However I am listening to the game, streamed via the Internet.  The simple process I went through to do this, Google “Detroit Red Wings”.  I clicked on their official site link.  I clicked go to site when offered a deal for tickets.  Then right on their first page I see I clicked on the Live On 97.1 FM link.

How the hell does this fit into the social content process?

Make Something Great: Stream your favorite sports team
Tell People About It: Professional sports teams have a rather large fanbase
Do It Again: Next Red Wings game I’ll probably be streaming too!

I’m also on the defacto social media network Facebook.

Make Something Great: Share a video or message with all your friend in your network
Tell People About It: Sites like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter send out your updates to followers and friends
Do It Again: next time you feel like telling your friends what you are making for dinner, rest assured Facebook is listening.

We are social creatures, creatures of habit, and consume as well as create content in the Internet of today.  By continually making something great, sharing it with others, consuming, adapting and creating more content, you will not only engage those who view your content, you will grow the base of users from which view your content, and hopefully provoke reaction, interaction, and communication.

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