Why NOT signing up for the BalanonNation may be your biggest mistake of 2011

I’ve known Henry Balanon (@balanon) for about the last eight years.  I’d met him when we were both Microsoft Student Ambassadors while in college.  Aside from considering him one of the brightest people I know, he also has a way of engaging folks.  I’ve had more than a few conversations with him where by the end of it I walked away saying “Wow I never thought of [conversation topic] like that.” I’ve had conversations with him ranging from food, to beer, to technology trends, to career and life aspirations and Henry always has insightful things to say and also just plain old good advice.

Now there was a time a few years back a group of us who were all unemployed used to meet up at Biggby Coffee in Royal Oak, MI to collectively look for jobs, talk, or just pass the time.  While most of us were desperately looking for work it was Henry who decided he wanted to become his own boss, and start his own company.  Since then he’s started Bickbot and grown it into a bright company with some great possibility.

Now a few weeks back I found out Henry was starting his own newsletter.  When I first read this I IMMEDIATELY signed up.  Yes he’s a friend, but I signed up without hesitation because I know, from knowing Henry, that his newsletter will contain some of the most useful and insightful content anywhere.  He’s now a father, an entrepreneur, a self-proclaimed foodie, a guy who loves technology, and a great conversationalist.  It’s simple to me, if you do NOT sign up for his newsletter you gain nothing, and you do yourself a disservice.  So do yourself a favor and sign up for his newsletter.

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