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“Web Designers are the Construction Workers of the Online World”

Friday, October 31st, 2008

A recent friend made that comparison over lunch the other day.  He made the comparison back 20 years ago you could always find a construction worker, everyone wanted homes built.  Now, web devs seem almost to be a dime a dozen and everyone is looking to get their piece of web real estate.

That being said, I’ve taken a step back to look at my own experiences.  Having worked primarily on back end dev, (database development for, database interaction on…) it can be difficult to properly explain or demonstate the work of a backend web developer.  I’ve been taking some steps to create documents explaining the work I’ve done, particularly to show the physical interaction between UI and data layers of content.

Particularly as someone looking to gain more experience and hopefully pick up a full time job as a designer of developer being able to not only show your work, but also explain the function of it, is crucial for my future success.

If web designers are the contruction workers of a generation past, how do you differentiate yourself from your peers?

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One down, two to go.

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

So I’ve been incredibly busy lately. Basically Vista on the UMPC makes me less efficient (I’m sticking too that!) So anyways I’ve had 3 websites on my plate lately. Two freelance jobs, and one of my own creation. Well one of these sites got finished tonight. Mine.

Welcome to ShareTheMoneyWithUs. It’s a blog about blogging. I figure I’ve been blogging for about 4 years now, I think I may know a thing or two. Hell, I’ve had both an informal and formal education when it comes to web development. I think it’s time I finally spread some of that knowledge in that head of mine. ShareTheMoneyWithUs will be starting from the ground up explaining what a blog is, how to pick your topic and niche, how to setup that site, and then grow it into something that is successful. I’m not officially starting the postings on it until Monday (2/19/07), but I thought I’d give my readers here a little insight on the upcoming topics to be covered:

I’ve put more than a little time and effort into this endeavor so I hope that everyone can get something out of this. This blog is for the readers. So if you see something you like, of even something you don’t, leave a comment! I’m not the only one with experience in this field so anyone’s input is welcome.

EDIT: I’ve got the ShareTheMoneyWith.Us feed setup, if you are interested update those feed readers

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Big week and weekend!

Monday, February 5th, 2007

Ok, this has been a very eventful week! Let’s see where to start….

New Theme: I’ve been working on this theme for some time. Actually since around early December. Originally I had wanted to break the mold of using just some random theme I’d downloaded off of the internet. I decided to move the categories, recent posts, and archives up to the header to give me more room for other things on the sidebar.

Advertising: Yes, they are here now. They’re here to stay. Ok so there is a bit of a backstory to this. Around the first of the year I started looking into monetizing my site, or a way to start making money from having people visit the site. I’ve learned quite a bit and still have a ways to go. If I may thank David Lithman, Matt Coddington, and Tyler Cruz for all giving me pointers thus far, your help has been appreciated. I’m now using Google’s AdSense on my site, and also I’ve signed up for Text-Link Ads and I’m waiting for those to start taking off. I’ve signed up for YPN (Yahoo Publisher Network). Through talking to those folks, and doing a bit of research my site should be capable of making at least a bit of money through advertising. currently has a pagerank of 4/10 which is decent. Let’s hope I can make a bit of money on the side. a UMPC-only blog: After a bit of thinking and discussing with people, I think that even though I am in love with the UMPC and everything that goes with it, I will be expanding the topics here. Surely you didn’t think UMPC’s are all i’m interested in 🙂 What will I be covering? Well wait and see!

Any reviews of the new layout are welcome!

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Designing a Web Presence – Mini-Mainfesto

Sunday, November 26th, 2006

Hugh’s post about creating a mini-manifesto got me to thinking. I’ve had more than a few ideas about what went into influencing me and my work. They’ve been the things that made me go back to the drawing board a few times. I decided to create a manifesto to outline the things I empasize when I’m trying to create a new site or design.

Without further ado…

1) Design each piece of your work as if it will be the masterpiece in your portfolio.

2) Create each site or design as if your portfolio is new and fresh and has no other footing to stand upon.

3) Do NOT design by status quo procedures and methods. Design by motivation, inspiration, and creativity.

4) Embrace any cultural aspects which can be incorporated into your project. Allow yourself to think about that new CD you purchased, or that mural you passed on your walk home.

5) Create yourself. You are a brand.

6) Allow cultural influences into the design. Your completed project is a representation of you or your client.

7) Status quo will prematurely define you or your client, remain open to outside influences and new ideas to keep the design unique and to give the visitor a lasting impression.

8) Keep changing. Ideas and methods get old. Always be on the lookout for new ideas or new ways of getting your point across.

The web used to be static. Then it was “2.0”. Allow yourself to shape where you want it to go next.

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