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Catching up to the iPads

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

I don’t own an iPad. I wasn’t interested in owning an iPad.

I was intrigued by Android. The concept of creating apps written in Java makes MUCH more sense to me than writing in C (but this is another conversation entirely). I own a MacBook Pro and an iPhone, but would prefer to own an Android Tablet mainly because I already have an iPhone and want to see what Android has to offer.

Apple’s announcement yesterday for the new iPad forced the tablet market to shift.

The iPad is a quality product, and the iPad2 only adds to this product.  By heightening the specs, that was to be assumed, but to see Apple create the entry price at $499, and announce they are lowering the price of the entry level model of the original iPad to $399 there is NO reason not to get an iPad unless Android based tablets can lower their prices to compete.

Working under the assumptions set forth by Steve Jobs’ iPad2 presentation, and reviews I’ve read of the Xoom and GalaxyTab, in order to remain viable competitors against the iPad, Android tablets MUST slash prices.  Here is the scenario that makes sense to me:

The ease of use provided by Apple at this point makes their iPad products huge favorites over Android.  Android’s lack of solid store and ever changing software make many folks seem lost when comparing devices.  Also based on current news of compromised Android applications in the Android Market makes me more hesitant to use Android tablets.

If Android wants to compete, tablet makers need to cut prices NOW, and until the software is built to a point that it can fight against able in the tablet form factor it needs to be priced lower.  The companies need to take their losses and Android needs to put all tablets on paths to get to Honeycomb soon to stay competitive.

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