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What type of CMS is best?

Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal seem to be gaining more and more momentum as of late, but I can’t help but wonder if those tools are the best solution for the problem or role they need to be playing. Just the … Continue reading

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Should I embrace CSS3?

I would love to but… I’ve noticed a few designers I very much respect “namedropping” CSS3 as of late. Unless something changed, or what current web browsers support has suddenly been turned on sideways, many cool things that I would … Continue reading

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Use JSON to connect Flash to a Database

I’ve worked through a few samples of JSON AS3 code so that I can hopefully create a simple example that readers may take away and expand for their needs. In a nutshell, I’ve used PHP to encode content into JSON … Continue reading

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Adding Wiimote to Macbook Pro running Mac OSX

My current task i’m trying to undertake is to use WiiFlashServerJ to connect a Wiimote to my Macbook Pro. I’m running OSX Version 10.5.7. Current Unresolved Issue: ¬†Upon starting WiiFlashServerJ Application I get the following error: “Cannot launch Java application. … Continue reading

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