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Bill Miller’s Tech Talk

I’m blogging from MAN 122 while listening to Bill Miller’s talk on recognizing trends in the industry and working up a skill set He has mentioned there are various techniques. Some Methods to use: Watching Keep an eye on … Continue reading

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Developing a .NET Course

So next semester I will be taking an ASP.NET independent study. As of the Fall 2005 school year, at Grand Valley no .NET courses are offered. Being that I’m in the West Michigan .NET Users Group and a Student Ambassador … Continue reading

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The SA, or To Redmond and Back Again

So it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. Last weekend was the Student Ambassador Summit. Mike and I flew out a day early and stayed with GV alum Eric Maino and his wife for the night. I’m very grateful … Continue reading

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C# Bootcamp and Beyond!

It’s been a while since i have posted anything. In short i’m busy. Mike Seeber and I have been trying a great deal to organize some great events for Grand Valley this semester, the first of which was the C# … Continue reading

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