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Bill Miller’s Tech Talk

Thursday, February 9th, 2006

I’m blogging from MAN 122 while listening to Bill Miller’s talk on recognizing trends in the industry and working up a skill set
He has mentioned there are various techniques.
Some Methods to use:

  • Watching Keep an eye on what people have in their wishlist. That’s current!
  • Trade Magazines – IEEE, ACM, C/Net, etc.
  • Conferences- Mix 06′ anyone?
  • Online communities – Blogs
  • Users groups – West Michigan .NET Users Group
  • Talk to people in the field, professors, friends, cube buddy
  • Ok, so we got kicked out early bout 5:50 by some class 🙁
    That was a bummer, but it was great having Bill come and give a talk. He certainly gave us a few nuggets of information to walk away with. I’m definitly looking forward to having him back for future talks.


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    Developing a .NET Course

    Friday, December 9th, 2005

    So next semester I will be taking an ASP.NET independent study. As of the Fall 2005 school year, at Grand Valley no .NET courses are offered. Being that I’m in the West Michigan .NET Users Group and a Student Ambassador I think that I for one need to be constantly brushing up (or learning!) on .NET. I had actually brought up the idea of learning ASP.NET to a professor of mine and he had mentioned that he had an interest in learning it as well. The two of us since then have designed an independent study curriculum which will cover the following topics:

      Master Pages
      Security, Roles, Membership
      User Profiles, Themes
      Page and Control Lifecycle
      Data Access and Data Controls
      Site Navigation Controls and SiteMap Provider
      Personalization/Web Parts
      Securing ASP.NET Applications
      Caching for performance

    Professor Roger Ferguson also had told me that if everything goes well with this curriculum he would be willing to teach the class in an upcoming semester as a “Special Topics” course. That news is great to hear, because it’s proof to me that faculty are interested in teaching the .NET technology which Grand Valley is currently absent of… This is all a bit of repetition for GV though, i suppose, i stumbled across proof that this had been tried before [by Eric Maino].

    At the very least I’m happy to be done with this semester of classes. I’ve only got the looming exams next week. Then off to few weeks of down time, then back into .NET!


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    The SA, or To Redmond and Back Again

    Friday, October 7th, 2005

    So it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. Last weekend was the Student Ambassador Summit. Mike and I flew out a day early and stayed with GV alum Eric Maino and his wife for the night. I’m very grateful for friends who would do something like that for me. Then, Friday and Saturday, we were lucky enough to be flown out and put up in a hotel by Microsoft for the weekend. The event was awesome; the weekend was an all around great experience. It gave me a sense of accomplishment to be able to be in a room networking with people with similar interests as myself for an entire day. I had a great time getting to hang out with people like Josh Holmes, Martin Shoemaker, Donny Mack, and of course the ever crazy David Smith. Being in the company of those people just gets your mind going. If my laptop had a reliable battery I would have been blogging it nonstop. Actually I’m looking into getting a tablet PC, so if anyone has one for sale let me know the price and I will consider it.

    Back to the academic process; this week has been crazy. I’ve been doing nothing but homework and planning of events. Finally we’ve got the sign up page up for the .NET programming competition. I’m currently running on about 6 and a half hours of sleep for the past two days because the CS 163 project 1 was due today. The past two nights (mornings) I didn’t leave the lab until about 2am each night. The project made me reevaluate the way I divide my time, and think about how much time I should (or shouldn’t) be spending on other thing. I can happily say I finished it. I’m currently trying to think of what to request for prizes for the programming competition, I hope to have that request out by this evening.

    Also I just signed up for the Visual Studio 2005 launch in Detroit. It will be nice to go back to that side of the state for a day. I can’t wait for November 8th.

    Well that’s it for now I suppose, I’m off to get some sleep.


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    C# Bootcamp and Beyond!

    Sunday, September 18th, 2005

    It’s been a while since i have posted anything. In short i’m busy. Mike Seeber and I have been trying a great deal to organize some great events for Grand Valley this semester, the first of which was the C# Bootcamp. For this event we planned on having David Smith, who is the awsome Lead SA for the region and a C# MVP, come and give a fairly in depth talk on C#, followed by lab time.

    C# Bootcamp:
    In short, today went very well. The bootcamp was laid out into three sections:

    [11:00am-12:00pm] VS 2005/C#/.NET Intro
    [12:30pm-2:45pm] In depth C# Coverage*
    [3:00pm-4:30pm] Lab Time working w/ C#

    *During the in depth section David covered many C# features which are important to know understand, and use C#. David covered:

      File I/O
      .NET Reflector (DLLS)
      Data Access
      Loads of VS Tips & Tricks

    David also made a “fully working web browser” in only 8 minutes!

    I think i’m working on about three projects now. Today definitly helped me out. David surely got me thinking in many aspects as to what i can do. He did a great job of challenging the coding styles of people who came

    If you code, code explicitly…or i will find you, and i wont be happy.

    David also did a good job of emphasizing that if you plan on taking on a project, do NOT reinvent the wheel, however take what’s given to you and run with it. Several times he mentioned the worst thing that could happen is you succeed in making an impact on the world.

    The event seemed to go over rather well, I counted 25 students present during the middle of the presentation. I’m happy with that for a first presentation, but will also serve as our starting point from which to improve ourselves.

    and Beyond:

    Mike and I have also got a few things coming up in the near future; All of the SA’s are fortunate enough to have MS fly us all out to Redmond on Oct.1st for the SA Summit. That is something which i’m really looking forward to. It’s quite a feeling to know that Microsoft takes such an effort in its Student Ambassador program to provide an event of this magnitude to its SA’s.

    Also, GVINPC or the Grand Valley Intercollegiate .NET Programming Competition. GVINPC will be a day long event promoting the use of .NET technology to solve problems using the .NET framework and its languages. Students will form teams consisting of up to four (4) people and will be asked to tackle a series of business minded programming problems which have been created by professionals. Judges will consist of local business professionals as well as Microsoft Employees. Judges will determine how many points problems earn based on completed tasks while extra points can be awarded for extra features. Mike and I have the framework for the event ironed out, now we’ve just got to get the wheels turning and put it into action. We are hoping the event takes place in late October.

    Well, i guess that all for now.


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