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oqo model 2 much money!

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

This is now two larger tech blogs singing their praises over the oqo model 02. Hugo loves the thing even though he’s on his fourth. Now, also Dennis Rice from GottaBeMobile picked one up as well. I’m thinking I need to find one of these computers to play with because they seem quite possibly to be the end all in mobile computing. But both of these very intelligent chaps seems to have forgotten something people got up on many a soap box just about a year ago over. Price. The oqo model 02 starts at 1,499 and the version which natively has Vista sets the poor buyer back nearly two grand at 1,849!

Now i’m not out to get on the oqo model 02 and say its a sub par computing machine. The idea for this post actually came when I saw a picture of the oqo on John Chow‘s site. It seems that little device sure its getting lots of exposure. Lots of exposure and great reviews from people who know their mobile computing devices. Now my only question is will oqo make their model 02 more affordable or do i just have to keep saving my money?

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UMPC at Future of Online Advertising

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Yes, i’m using my UMPC here at the Future of Online Advertising. My laptop died after about 45 mins, so i ran back down the street and got the Q1b. 2 hours and still kicking. I’m sure glad i brought it.

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Vista is defiant!

Monday, June 4th, 2007

Ok, so i’ll admit… I tried to go back to XP this weekend.

No luck though. No windows.old file to speak of. Now i need to hunt down someone willing to let me borrow a USB CD drive I think to just do the restore. Ugh. No joy in Mudville.

Note: I wanted to go back to XP so i could increase productivity when i go to NYC next week for FOOA. Now i’m not sure if i should bring the UMPC or not? Vista sure is darn slow!

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Summer, Vista, Q1b, what does it mean?

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Well let’s have a look at my Q1b and what i’ve got going on this summer. I’ll be teaching at a summer camp. Should be fun, should be a great place for a UMPC? Well here’s where i’ll disagree. Maybe moving to Vista on my Q1b was a bad idea? I’m not going to say yes or no, but having the 512MB RAM is not fun. It’s slow. No it’s beyond slow. It just hardly works.

Why don’t i go back to XP? Well i’m sure i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. Vista, it’s the future right? Anyone, Bueller?

Well I’m hoping that it sticks and even the Q1b gets the good news of a BIOS update so i can make the jump to lightspeed…. err, i mean upgrade to 2GB of RAM. If that doesn’t happen soon, well XP may be my best friend. Honestly, the Q1b is sitting on my desk, off. Hasn’t been turned on since the end of the semester. It doesn’t give me performance. I need that. Come on, now. A few more months for progress? Then XP?

Ok, I’ve concluded its not that i’m lazy, it’s merely that i’ve got a VIA processor in my UMPC and i’m getting the short end of the upgrade stick? I’m sticking with that until someone gives me a better excuse to run with.

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