At Your Service Valet

valetCLIENT: At Your Service Valet


DESCRIPTION: I was contacted by the client and tasked with building them a website based on a PSD they provided.  Tools used were Photo

shop, Coda, for HTML and CSS with some jQuery also.


getlocalCLIENT: Comcast
DESCRIPTION: Site was built for Comcast to provide Washington based users of On Demand to see exactly what will air on the Get Local section of On Demand.  Site was built using PHP, MySQL, and Flash.  The site was built with a custom CMS in the backend so that an invidual may upload show information of manually enter the data.  Also the rotating banner on that homepage can be set to any show in the CMS.

Del Taco

foodfight CLIENT: Del Taco
Site was developed while I worked at Doner in Southfield, MI.  Site was developed using PHP, MySQL, and Flash AS3.  My role included developing the database and PHP code which would be used to store user information and send a “foodfight” to recipients.  I also converted much of the video footage from raw format to .FLV format.

Interactive Quisenberry

qberryCLIENT: Interactive Quisenberry
PROJECT: Identity Website
DESCRIPTION:  While at Quisenberry Design & Marketing I was tasked with building in Flash AS3 the website for the interactive portion of Quisenberry.  The site serves as a portfolio for their work as well as an information outlet for their Kiosk and Custom Interactive devices they build.

Neeser Contruction Inc

neeserCLIENT: Neeser Construction Inc
PROJECT: Website
DESCRIPTION: Site was developed while I worked at Quisenberry Marketing & Design (Spokane, WA).  Client is a construction company doing business in Alaska.  Site was built with a custom CMS allowing for complete freedom in adding or  updating of news, projects, articles, job listings.  Site was built using PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript.

Whollys Blog

whollyCLIENT: Private
DESCRIPTION: My client came to me asking for a social outlet for Gen-Y media.  We decided to build a blog and corresponding networking using Elgg software to accomplish this task.  The blog is designed in WordPress and currently provides readers with content on anything from music, fashion, entertainment, architecture and beyond.