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5 Things I learned from working at Ad Agencies

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

1) It’s not your fault – When you brainstorm and come up with killer ideas, great concepts, and amazing campaigns the ideas are your own but the final say is not in your hands.  No matter how you wrap up a pitch, no matter how great the slogans and designs, it all comes down to the client.  If the client doesn’t approve it, that’s it.  However the client’s lack of approve doesn’t mean you failed.  It’s not your fault.

2) Client revisions will kick your butt – Unless you have a great client, or a great contract with the client, the client will come back with changes.  Client revisions will be the bane of your existence, but they are just part of the routine.  Nothing is perfect… not the client, and unfortunately not your work.

3) You’re only as good as your portfolio – Your agency is awesome, amazing.  However if you have a portfolio which hasn’t been updated in 3 to 6 months, or longer, you may be losing clients.  Until you always have your best work in your portfolio you continually run the risk of potential clients seeing what you do have available and passing you by.

4) Know when to say “No.” – As important as having a concise creative brief, is sticking to it.  Without knowing exactly what you should be doing for a client, you run the risk of getting off course.  When you get off course, everything goes crazy.  You lose profits because you go over the estimated time for a project, you lose profits because the scope was changed and the workload changed.  Know when to say “No.”  Without this skill, clients win but at the expense of your profit margin and everything else that goes into it.

5) Social media is an iceberg – Social media is an iceberg, treat it as such.  Saying “we are prepared for social media and social marketing” is as good as seeing the iceberg coming.  Until you have legitimate plans of how you will utilize Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your company blog, and all the other tools which social media offers, you don’t see the other 80% of that iceberg still under the water.  Knowing how to use, utilize and leverage social marketing tools for yourself and your clients is what will make or break campaigns in today’s market.

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    Social media and brand strategy

    Monday, October 12th, 2009

    Since the rise of the Twitter beast I’ve seen countless companies jump on to Twitter and claim to have a “social media presence”.  Now Twitter is just one step and I can’t take anything away from these companies for making an effort, however Twitter is just one of several tools that companies can utilize to make a move to add social media to their overall brand strategy.

    If I were to suggest to a company how to setup an online brand the three tools I would recommend would be Facebook, Twitter, and a blog.  Facebook is NOT just for the tweens, Twitter doesn’t seem to be lapsing after its 15 minutes of fame, and well blogs are here to stay.

    Twitter is a perfect micro-blogging tool with built in search capability to keep an eye on your company in a global sense, also a great way to start and add to conversations that your company wants to be part of.   Also, Twitter is great for letting people know about new blog posts, or events coming up at your company.  Launch a new product or tool, make a tweet.  Make a new post on your blog, let your followers on Twitter and Facebook know.

    Facebook.  Yes, that may make some people grimace.  The super social media behemoth isn’t just for high school and college kids anymore.  With the ability for companies to create custom pages to promote and gain fans, Facebook becomes a must-have for companies looking to make their mark in social media.  Once again these custom fan pages are a great place to keep fans up to date on your blog posts and the goings on at your company.  If your company has a web developer on staff or you work with a web agency, it may be beneficial to try to use a Facebook Application called Static FBML to create customized tabs on your fan page to really make it stand out from the crowd.

    Your blog.  If you don’t have one, get one.  A company blog is the single best way to give your company a sounding booth.  If you just want to post about product updates or company events, that works.  If you have a member of your company who is a pundit or well known figure in your company’s field, let them have a voice.  A blog gives your company a voice.  In today’s internet, a company without a voice is silent.

    If your company can correctly balance and use the three tools listed you should be able to start, influence, and be part of the global conversation.  Not only to these three tools help your company build a search engine presence but also helps to break down the wall between your company (your brand) and the consumer.

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    Twitter Needs “Handshakes”

    Friday, October 17th, 2008

    i think twitter needs something more to promote interaction, something of a handshake.  like ok you’re at a party and there are always those who hover and just kinda take in the conversations, but usually after a handshake with people they know you are engaged and part of the conversation and whats going on.

    You get people who follow you but do they hover on the conversation or are they engaged and waiting for the right tweet to comment on?  Who’s in and who’s out?  Also I know i’ve added people who haven’t followed me back.  I’d like to be more engaged in their tweets, should i “say something”?

    Any other thoughts?

    Edit:  Once again using the Twitter as a party example, yes I could always just use @username to get someone’s attention but doesn’t that make me that guy who comes across the room to enter a conversation when no one knew he was there.  I just think let’s get some courtesy into Twitter, conversations evolve but when can/should new people jump in?

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    Lower AdSense CTR = Lower Google Stock Price?

    Thursday, March 27th, 2008

    I just saw this article on Wired. Now we all know that every time someone clicks on an Adsense ad, Google gets paid. Now you don’t have to look hard on the Internet these days to read that people are noticing their Adsense earnings going down. Also Google altered their ads some time ago so that a user needs to be more particular where they click on the ad in order for the click to count. Interestingly enough the article hypothesizes that lower CTR rates for Google have a direct correlation with the wellbeing of the company and therefore contribute to lower stock prices. (Has anyone else noticed Google’s stock price seeming to plummet lately?) Interesting article, I’d assumed the CTR and earnings going down simply followed current trends in the economy. Check out the article, it’s worth the read.

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